Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy HUMP/BUMP Day!

Hey frugal followers!  This time of year has been so busy, busy, busy!  Well, let's be honest, I don't think there has ever been a time of year when Melissa and I aren't busy, but this year seems extreme!  Between weddings, babies, school and everyday life, I really don't know we get it all done!  On a positive note, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!  There are only 37 more days of school... whoop whoop!  That also means only 73 days until Melissa says "I DO" and 113 days until baby Maio's expected arrival!  And somewhere in there we have to squeeze in bridal showers, baby showers, a bachelorette party, and of course, beginning of summer festivities! (insert deep breath here)  So much to do... so little time - story of my life!  We'll be sure to share all of these exciting events with you as they happen!

NOW IN BABY NEWS... HAPPY BUMP DAY!  Here's a glimpse of the happenings in my day-to-day-soon-to-be mommy life!

How far along: 24 weeks (6 MONTHS!!!)

Baby's size: an ear of corn (just about 1.5 pounds)

Baby's progress: His sense of taste is maturing, along with other senses such as touch and hearing. The baby's lanugo (hair that covers his body) is growing darker and his fingernails are almost fully formed. 

Weight gain: about 12-13 pounds (gave or take... HA!)

Stretch Marks:  None yet!  I've been slapping on the cocoa butter every morning since I found out I was expecting!

Sleep:  Can't ever get enough, but that's just me!  Considering I was what most people would call "addicted" to caffeine prior to finding out there was a lil man in my belly... I think I've managed pretty well, cutting my intake down to one cup of half-caf a day.  I'm not gunna lie, it was pretty rough in the beginning... in fact, it was borderline brutal.  However, I'm going to give myself a little pat-on-the-back and go so far as to say that I think I've adjusted quite well. I haven't really had any trouble sleeping (duh, hardly any caffeine) although I have noticed that it's getting increasingly difficult to get comfy, but overall I'm hanging in there!

Gender: BOY!!! And couldn't be more excited about it!!! As of now, the top runner for a name is Tyler Matthew!!!  Not 100% decided but I'd say we're about 95% sure!

Movement: More and more each day!   It's a crazy, wonderful feeling!  A little kick here and a little punch there, sometimes several in a row!  Matt got to feel him for the first time the other day!  He thought that was really cool!  We've found that he is most active in the evening between 6 and 10 o'clock... he's obviously a night owl like his daddy because god knows momma's usually ready for bed around 8:30 haha

Best moment this week: Besides finding out that Ben and Jerry's ice cream was BOGO at Publix (yum-mee), I'd have to say the best moments are when I can feel him move.  It's reassuring to know that he's in there and he's doing just fine!

Looking forward to:  His arrival (obvi... but I have to wait 3 more months for that!)  Setting up the nursery... big ideas thanks to Pinterest, now it's just tying it all together!  And of course, the Ben and Jerry's ice cream that I will be consuming later this evening! haha

Food cravings:  I haven't really had any crazy food cravings and honestly, I kind of don't believe in all those wacky pregnancy stories like craving pickles and ice cream in the middle of the night.  (although if Ben and Jerry decide to make that as a flavor... I WILL try it! HA)  I'll be the first to admit that I've definitely had more of a sweet tooth lately, but I'm not sure if that counts as an actual "craving" or falls more along the lines of a "lack of self-control".  I've never been a big fan of chocolate (yeah, I know, I'm weird) but I can demolish some oatmeal raisin cookies, sour patch kids (now there's a blue one!) AND, as we are all well aware of, some Ben and Jerry's ice cream!  I also love me some pizza, but that was a weakness pre-pregnancy too!  Now I just have an extra piece and say it's for Tyler! HA

Weirdest food I ate this week: Fig Newtons!  I remember my mom buying these when I was a kid and thinking that they were the worst cookie EVER!  They also happened to be BOGO at Publix this week and I decided to give them another try, and let me just say, I was NOT disappointed!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada!  I honestly have not really had any queasy-ness or sickness to speak of.  In the very beginning I remember feeling queasy if I let myself go to long without a snack, but after I ate I was fine.  So far, everything has been nice and easy! (knock on wood)

Labor signs: nope! (thank god... it's too early for that nonsense!)

What I miss: 1. Wine!  I sooo miss having a glass of red wine after a long, stressful day at work, but I know I'll be able to enjoy my adult grape juice in just a few more short months (positive thinking people lol)!  2. My desire and motivation to workout!  I've been staying active and trying to walk as much as possible, but I miss my cardio workouts... well, let me clarify... I don't miss the workout part, I just miss that awesome feeling of when you're done sweating your a#! off and you realize the pain and torture is over until tomorrow! haha 3. My jeans!  It is so uncomfortable to fit into my jeans that I've just excepted the fact that I won't be needing them until next fall.  I still fit into them, they are just impossible to button!  I bought every color/size/style/brand belly band thingy and it's just not the same... I still can't seem to get over the fact that I'm walking around with my pants undone!  It's just weird!!!

Workouts:  Hardcore cardio workouts have come to a screeching halt.  The doctor said it's totally fine to workout as long as you don't over do it... this includes running, jumping jacks, and all that good stuff.  I was pretty good about staying on it when I wasn't showing, but now that it's obvi I'm prego I've resorted to walking for exercise!  I do about 4.5-5 miles about 4 times a week! Go me!   

Things that suck:
  1. Being the permanent DD until this little dude makes his debut!
  2. Breaking out like teenager again! Ugh... so frustrating!  The doctor said for 1/3 of people their acne gets better, 1/3 stays the same, and 1/3 gets worse... looks like I lost that game of roulette!
  3. Happy Hour!  I still enjoy going and hanging out with my lovely ladies, but lets be honest, happy hour is a little less "happy" without wine!  
  4. Having to pee... ALL THE TIME!!! 

Things that don't suck:
  1. Growing boobs!  In my opinion, this does NOT suck! 
  2. Thankfully Maxi dresses/skirts are very popular and in season right now! In my opinion, they make the BEST maternity clothes!  SO COMFORTABLE!
  3. Not feeling guilty when I binge on ice cream! 
  4. Knowing that I'm about to enter the 3rd (and final) trimester!  I don't know how people think that pregnancy is "fun"!  I mean, don't get me wrong, I am over-the-moon excited to welcome this little man into the world and I can't wait for Matt and I to enter this journey called "parenthood" together... but the whole 9 months of pregnancy thing is not what I'd describe as "fun".   I agree that it's the most amazing experience ever, but 9 months is a long time people! 
Melissa and I are starting our end-of-the-school-year countdown early this year!  We are soooo looking forward to all the big events coming up in our lives that we get to experience together!  It truly has been a year to remember!  Until next time frugal followers, talk to you soon!
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