Monday, February 11, 2013

Comparing Numbers... Common Core Style

Hello, Hello! Does anyone have that awful cold going around? You know, the one that never wants to go away... well the frugal girls can't seem to kick it. We're two weeks in and it's still sticking around. The worse thing about colds is that even though you're not too sick to work and do everyday things, everything is a little less fun when you're feeling under the weather. Speaking of weather, Brittany just did an adorable activity with our weather unit last week. I'll remind her to post it tomorrow! It's a group learning map about EXTREME STORMS. The kids loved it and my class couldn't wait to do it after seeing the posters her class made. She's so creative!

We're first year common core teachers and somedays we've found implementing the new standards to be very fun and exciting. However, due to our lack of resources we find most days to be challenging and we can't help but feel our students are missing big parts because we're all learning this together. One example of this struggle is our comparing numbers unit. The greater gator has always been one of the easiest concepts for our first graders. Sadly, this year they are struggling because common core asks for more (I need a shirt that says this, please)! Anyway, our county-wide assessments eww would like our students to compare equations with whole numbers. Since we were unable to find many activities that helped with this new standard online, well we did what any teacher/blogger would do and made our own! Hope all those teachers tackling the common core standards find this freebie to be helpful!


Click HERE to download freebie!


  1. THANK YOU so much for the freebie!! My school is incorporating common core this year. Just like you, I can not find the resources I need. I'm sure they are out there..somewhere. I'm just still anxious about our new curriculum. Once we figure it all out, I truly think we will love it!!

    I hope you feel better soon! My little boy has been running fever for a few days. We are headed to the doctor in the morning. :(
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. It’s a way to for new bloggers to gain some recognition for their hard work and awesome blogs. Follow the link back to my blog to find out how you can pay it forward!
    Donna Roberts


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