Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary and a freebie!!

Hi friends!!! It's been so hard to keep up with blogging lately and for that I am truly sorry!!! I have gotten three new students in the last three weeks and it's starting to feel *crowded* in our little room! I tell my students to kick back and read for CAFE and they usually literally "kick back" by putting their feet up on their desk and reading for their given time (we are at 14 minutes) it's a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. However, right now they can't fit in their usual, comfortable kicked back position! We are jam packed and our teams are practically touching! I love all my new students, they are sweet as can be, but we have maxed out our space and are over capacity! Hopefully that's it for awhile!

Meanwhile, it's Brittany and Matt's ONE MONTH wedding anniversary tomorrow, Nov. 20th ! Since we seek out any and all reasons to celebrate, we have decided to post a freebie from our newest packet for Unit 3! We are also going to put everything in our store on sale tomorrow 20%!!!

The newlyweds are loving married life and they are busy building a new back porch that they hope to have completed before it gets chilly! Fire pit time! Can't wait! Brittany also got some new wheels!! October was definitely an amazing month! So happy for my best friend!

On another bright note our unit 3 packets are coming along smoothly and unit 3 week 2 should be posted tomorrow night! Just going to add a few new things to keep our first graders engaged! We decided our packets needed a few more center activities for unit 3! We have been overwhelmed with the fantastic support from all of you and are so very thankful!!

Hope everyone has a great night!!!

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