Monday, November 17, 2014

It's fall Y'all!

Hi Friends! We've been busy as ever these last few weeks but that doesn't mean we haven't stopped to have a little fun!

We celebrated fall with with our annual Pumpkin Math Day! We had so many pumpkin donations this year that every child got their very own pumpkin! It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! It was also the first year that we didn't leave saying, "We're never doing that again!" It was a success and didn't completely drain us.

We also had our annual Literacy Celebration on Halloween Day! Brittany and I dressed up as Miss. Nelson and Viola Swamp! We tricked our students by dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 at the beginning of the school day. After specials I changed into Miss. Nelson and read the story Miss. Nelson is Missing to both of our classes. After reading the story I stormed out because they were not behaving during my story (even though they absolutely were behaving!) Brittany came in ruler-smacking and all dressed as Viola! She read the story Miss. Nelson is Back.  Last year, we all laughed because she suddenly started speaking with a british accent and had to keep it going for the ENTIRE story!  This year she just sounded like a mean substitute. This made for a much easier read aloud :) The kids are still not sure if she was actually Viola Swamp or not, but "we'll never tell."
Wish I snapped a picture of Viola Swamp but she had
to change back into Thing 1 before anyone realized it was her! 
Last week we took our first field-trip to Ocali Days! We are so lucky our rural town puts on such a fun event! Our kiddos had the best time petting animals, ringing the old school house bell and going on a scavenger hunt through the history museum! It was a great time!

On another note, Brittany's been busy cuddling up with the cutest little 3 MONTH old boy.  I'm a little jealous she gets to go home to this adorable face each and every night!
Meet Tyler 
As you can see our days have been filled with lots going on at school and a whole bunch of sweetness going on at home! Here's a sneak peek at our December plans…

What are you doing for the holidays in your classroom? 

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