Monday, April 1, 2013

First Grade Buccaneers

AHOY Matey's! As you have probably already guessed, it's pirate week in our classrooms!! This is one of our favorite weeks of the year! We have been stalking up on pirate gear all year! Every time we see something on sale we grab it! We have pirate hats, eye patches, pirate tattoos, pirate stickers, pirate treasure maps, compasses, and pirate pAARRRty supplies! It's going to be such a fun week!

Today was a teacher work day we had a chance to get everything ready for a fun filled week of PHONICS!!!

A bunch of fabulous bloggers like Babbling Abby, Erica BohrerMichelle Oaks and The Teacher Wife (Lindsey) have already shared some fabulous ideas! Why recreate the wheel? We bought Abby's fabulous Pirate Pack last year and plan on using it again this year to focus our entire week around
pirates!!! Last year it proved to be one phonics pattern our kiddos NEVER forgot!

Tomorrow we are going to start our literacy block by introducing our new phonics pattern (r-controlled vowels /ar/) by reading "How I became a Pirate"

We have a bunch of other great read alouds for the week, too! After we introduce the spelling pattern we are going to do some fun online pirate activities to become more "pirate educated"! We are going to practice talking like pirates and mainly focus on "ARRRRR" which means a few things in "pirate" but we are going to focus on the "yes" and "I agree" version. We will also learn a few other pirate terms such as "AYE AYE" which means "I'll get right on that" and "AVAST" which means "check it out." And of course "Ahoy" for hello and "Matey" for friend/buddy! All of this information was found on Talk LIke A Pirate. It's also fun to use the Pirate Translator.

We are going to incorporate a little WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING/LEARNING by doing a little partner "mirror" and "teach" with the sounds of /ar/ in our best pirate voices! We will also bring in some Kagan learning by doing some rally robin with /ar/ words that sound like a pirate and words that sound like "air".         
  Examples:Yard/Garden/Tar and Care/Fare/Stare. We will use a T-Chart to record our new learning. 

We are going to give our students a few minutes to makeup their own pirate friend "matey".

To download Click Here

It will give them a chance to be creative! We plan to keep you updated on all of our fun activities this week! Stay tuned for more matey's! We hope ye would like to join us in teaching these lads some new things! Yo Ho Ho!

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