Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Breaking and it feels so good!!!

It's Friday and that means Spring Break is comin' to a quick close! SLOW DOWN!! At least we have the weekend to kick back and relax. We both took off from our second job to enjoy the last weekend of Spring Break with family and friends. Brittany is going to a wedding today and I'm heading home with my sister who is still in college at FSU (shhhhh... Brittany's rivals)! She came down yesterday and today we're dragging my fiance down to Stuart, Florida to celebrate Easter with my family. Love my hometown! It's so quaint and beautiful and everything about it is wonderful. Of course growing up there, it seemed boring and small, but visiting now I realize how lucky I was to grow up so close to the ocean! Maybe we'll fit some beach time in! **Fingers Crossed***

Let's recap on our spring break so far...

We have done soooo much shopping! We had a lot of catching up to do! We literally shopped til' we dropped. All of our great deals have still yet to be put away!

On Monday we went to lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant Ayuttaya Thai. Yum! The pad thai there is to die for!
Silly girls!! Kelly and Brittany were having a little too much fun at our favorite place!

After a delicious lunch we headed over to Ulta to stock up on some girl stuff! We all need it, right ladies!
I bought this exact item for only $9.00
It's amazing! So happy I got this great deal!

Finally, we went to Panera for some acai berry ice tea and girl time. It was such a great day!
Tea Time
On Tuesday, we were still ready for some more shopping! We took our frugal selves over to Gainesville for a T.J.Maxx/HomeGoods all-in-ONE store! Four hours later... we had done some major damage! After our long TJ Maxx trip we headed to the mall! We got to shop with our favorite little guy. How cute is Landon, Kelly's son?!?! He's too adorable! We love his company!
HomeGoods and T.J.Maxx in ONE store!!!!! Hooray!

Brittany found some great deals!
They had some great stuff!
Check out these
Red Neck Wine Glasses!
Best Friend Necklaces!
Are we too old??

My favorite shopping buddy, Landon! We were having a dance party in the backseat! 

Brittany and I wanted to learn how to do a "smokey eye" so we had a professional at Sephora show us! Getting your makeup done is so much fun and a real "eye opener"... pun-totally-intended! haha!


She's going to kill me for adding these close-ups...
but it looked so good!

Finally, we finished off another successful day of shopping with Ballyhoo's! It's was not only fun, but also delicious! I can't wait to go back!
Gator spotting!

Dinner With the Girls!

 We finished off our week of fun with a beach day yesterday! We backed up some snacks and suntan lotion and headed to Daytona Beach for a girls day! The weather was perfect! 
Laying Out with the girls!

Homemade wheelchair??

Spring break is such a tease... now we're ready for summer! Two more months folks! We can do it! Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend with family and friends!
ABC got it right... CELEBRATE EACH DAY!!!

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