Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dollar Store *Teacher Edition* Part 2

I got a dollar. I got a dollar. I got a dollar. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Time for a little more DO's and DON'T's dollar store style! Since teachers can spend hours searching the dollar store for some great classroom finds, we decided to give a quick guide to some of the amazing deals available. Be careful on your next venture to the Dollar Tree though, not everything is as "frugal" as it seems. Below you will find part 2 of our Teacher Edition Dollar Store Guide. 
Happy Shopping! 
That's one of the best things about the dollar store... you can find so many neat odds and ends that your kiddos will love! Our students love "swatting" site words and reading with themed pointers! Sometimes these things break, but no need to shed a tear over $1! If you are a frequent blog-hopper like us, then you have found many fun Literacy Center activities that utilize dollar store materials! 
Pick up a few of these fishing sets to make "fishing for words"
so much fun! We use this for fishing for digraphs and so much more!
Simply add a small magnet to each fish
(we use dollar store fish die cuts) and there you
have it, an activity your little learners
will BEG for!! 

Some of the die cuts are a great STEAL! You will find the same cutouts for at least $5 at any Educational Store. Just be careful! Beware of the paper thin die-cuts. These are ideal for scrapbooking but not for your classroom!

Enough said. 

Most office supplies at the Dollar Store are reasonable! You aren't hitting the jack pot but you're definitely getting a small savings! Just be aware of the few items that are complete JUNK. The Frugal Girl are all about a great bargain but we don't want to buy something wasteful that won't last. 

The Dollar Tree is your One-Stop-Shop for storage containers. Best deal, hands down! If you find nothing else at the dollar store... the storage supplies alone are worth your visit.
Can teachers ever have enough storage??? 

Stay tuned for PART 3 of our Dollar Store shopping tomorrow! The Frugal Girls are taking a personal day to help Brittany say YES to the DRESS!!! We plan to post more fabulous finds after our day of shopping! 

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