Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break Bucket List Linky!

Hi Friends! We are joining in on Brigid's Daily Lesson Log Linky party to fill everyone in on our Spring Break plans! Since we only have TWO more school days left until a NINE day vacation, we just couldn't resist! Besides, it's pretty *gosh-darn* hard to focus on school right now! 
We are so close... we can almost feel the rays... 

The Frugal Girls Bucket List
**Seems appropriate since we are spending SB together**

1. SHOP for some great deals and spring clothes
2. Have at least two beach days in St. Augustine
3. Tell the second job (Yes, we have a second job at a local restaurant--- TOGETHER) that we are completely unavailable for the next 7 days!
4. Go visit our families
5. Have a boat day on Brittany's boat!
6. Get a tan
7. Finalize some of Brittany's wedding appointments while we're in St. Augustine (hair, nails, makeup, housing, fun places to visit). Hey, it's important stuff!
8. Chinese Buffet (Melissa and her fiancé, Rob gave it up for Lent and can't wait to indulge)
10. Exercise
11. Blog Hop
12. Wedding Craft Night
13. Girls Night In 
14. Plan a fabulous first grade finale to finish up the last 2 months of school left before summer! 

If we fail to accomplish all of these things we plan to follow through with at least the #9 part! 

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