Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last Week of SCHOOL!

Hello sweet friends!!! We would like to apologize for the neglect the past two weeks. We ended our year with a bang!
Parent Letter 

I means seriously... it was jam packed with fun! 
Shirts pre-autographs! 

Last day lunch was on boxes :(
The Red Carpet Award Show was AWESOME! We'll definitely do it again next year! Unfortunately, we didn't snap ANY pics because we were too busy laughing and cheering on our first grade friends! They wore sunglasses down the red carpet and added their "hollywood star" to the walk of fame. They also stood at the podium to accept their awards and gave a speech. It was absolutely precious! They were blowing kisses, giving out hugs and high fives all while waving to their biggest fans! 

They also LOVED their end of the year videos. This year we added a little something extra to our video, INTERVIEWS! We interviewed student's about different events and moments in first grade. Both the kids and parents loved it! It made us all cry A LOT because we were sad to see a wonderful year together end and happy tears came too because it was a reminder of all the fun we've had together! 

It was a difficult last day because it was truly a LAST DAY for all of us! Saying goodbye to our kiddos was bittersweet because we are all on our way to a new adventure. Moving schools is most difficult because we are going to miss all of them! For 180 days those little ones are all ours and this year we have to say goodbye in a more permanent way :( tear... We had a longer than usual group hug and said our final goodbyes. Saying goodbye to all of our HVE friends and coworkers was difficult but we both plan on staying in touch with everyone and look forward to seeing them soon. 

We spent our last day (teacher work day), June 7th finishing our big move! This time we really did need to rent a trailer. We had lots of help too! My future in-laws came and saved the day! We treated them to some delicious pizza afterwards!
Here we go again!

One of our new favorite eating spots near our new home school!
We don't have a huge selection of places to eat! In fact the only place we saw near the school that offered a happy hour was called "BUCKED UP" and it did not look like a friendly place to visit. On the other hand, it may be very frugal! Hopefully we'll find a hidden gem somewhere near by, otherwise we have a 45 minute drive to our old stomping grounds, Mojo's. They offer a teacher discount every Friday! We're regulars!

To say we were busy the last week of school would be so far from an understatement!!! We DID NOT STOP! It was pure craziness! Thank goodness we made it through!!! 

The good news  is two days into summer break starting we took a MUCH needed SUMMER VACATION! It was the perfect way to start summer and one of the best trips we've ever taken! It will have to wait for the next blog post but here's a little sneak peek... 

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  1. Your award show sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure it was truly special for your little ones!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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