Monday, June 3, 2013

Warn the roads.. it's Traffic School time!!!

We're so excited that we were able to sign up for Teaching Blog Traffic School last night! Being the cheap frugal girls that we are, we were able to get it on sale last night for 25 percent off! WOO! We've been wanting to sign up for awhile, but we decided to wait until summer break so we would actually be able to participate!

We signed up a few days early because we just can't resist a bargain! 

Anyway, we're thrilled to be members and start learning some new blogging techniques from Charity!! Today was our last Monday of the school year and we only have 3 more 1/2 days before we're finished!!!! So close...


  1. Awesome! I should probably do this too! I just can't focus on anything besides wedding right now though! In July I need to get back to blogging though!! Happy last few days of school!

  2. So happy to have found your blog - it's so super cute!! Congrats on the move & getting to do it with your best friend? How wonderful is that?!

    First Grade Fairytales


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