Monday, September 23, 2013

It's not rocket science!

So we're presenting the flow chart below to our coworkers on Wednesday for our PBS support! We all just love "flow charts" ...  right? Sarcasm INTENDED! Since we're well aware of the fact that NO one is all that interested in behavior flow charts we decided to add a little bit of fun to our presentation! We were told to dress up so we're dressing up as ROCKET SCIENTISTS! We already had the outfits because sometimes we dress up in lab coats and science gear when we're being "scientists." We're going to show our coworkers this silly clip first... 

We've all been there... right? We're showing this silly clip to introduce the flow map as something that is useful and not "ROCKET SCIENCE" just any easy guide to behavior management in the classroom!

We're finishing up our presentation with the THRILLING flow chart!

After many ooh's and awe's! We plan to exit the stage free of any eye rolls and tons of applause! Hopefully everyone will be so enthused with our cute little clip they will forget how frustrated they are with the fact that they've been given yet another flow chart. Hey... a teacher can dream! 

We'll be back in a few minutes with our latest packet for UNIT 1 WEEK 5!

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