Sunday, September 22, 2013

L Blends and Online Shopping

First off, we just wanted to quickly post Unit 1 Week 3! It's on our TPT for FREE but a few of our fabulous followers have sent us emails letting us know that it's tough to find. So here it is!

You can find a little preview below: 

Hope everyone finds this packet helpful! We will be posting Unit 1 Week 5 tomorrow! It is s blends and r blends and we wanted to add a few new things such as "read/write the room." We also plan to be adding new things to the upcoming unit 2 packs! 

We are so incredibly thankful for everyones support!!! 

On another note, Brittany's wedding is ONE MONTH AWAY!!! This upcoming weekend is her Bridal Shower Brunch and the following weekend is her Bachelorette!! Let the fun begin! So thrilled for my best friend! 

On a frugal note... we wanted to share with you this awesome website:  LIKE TWICE
It's pretty cool! You simply send your clothing you are wanting to sell (it's FREE shipping) and they sell them for you! It's an online consignment shop and they do all the work! They also have some pretty cute stuff on the website for great prices!!! Check it out! 

Have a great night friends! We'll be back tomorrow with our last pack for unit 1! : )


  1. Again, love, love, love your weekly packs! Can't wait to download this one and the short o one tomorrow. We are working on short o this week, but this l blends pack will be a great way to review the short a and i vowels as well!
    One month! How exciting!! My fiance and I just made and ordered our save the date magnets this weekend! Have fun with the shower and bachelorette party ladies!

    Tales of a #teachernerd

    1. Thanks so much Samantha! We're so glad the packets are a success!!! Hope your save the dates come out looking even better than you expected! We'll definitely be highlighting all of Britt's festivities in the blog... it's all from PINTEREST, after all!

  2. Hi, I posted a question on your TPT store, but I thought I'd post it here on your blog too. I'm not sure if TPT always has the $3.00 minimum rule, but it keeps popping up when I try to purchase your Unit 1 Week 4 packet. I was wondering if I could prepay somehow and order all the packets for a unit? Is that even possible!? I absolutely love your product and will definitely pay, but I don't want to buy items I'm not needing every week to meet that minimum dollar amount.

    Thanks :) Love the Wonders work you've been doing!

  3. Thanks so much for letting us know! WE've never seen TPT do that before! Give us your email address and we'll send the packet over! Sorry for the difficulty! We're so glad you're enjoying our packets!

  4. I tried adding week 5 just now and I got the same message: There is a minimum requirement of $3.00 per order.

    I ended up buying another item last week, so I was about to get the week 4 packet. Do you have a set price for the units? I could buy a bunch of packet 5 to equal your price and you could just email them to me each week? Does that make sense!?

    Just let me know :) Thanks again for taking the time to make some quality work!!
    tpt name: aleenamaria


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