Monday, September 30, 2013

Brittany's Bridal Shower

Hi, friends! It was a busy weekend for the frugal girls! It all started on Thursday with Open House! Next we celebrated Brittany's school shower. This fun little event was on Friday. Since we've only officially been at our school for a month we weren't expecting a huge turn out... however, the staff was amazing and all came to celebrate Brittany! It was so wonderful! Finally, on Saturday we celebrated Brittany's bridal shower with family and friends and a Lake House not far from home. It was a fun filled morning brunch with lots of laughs and many new memories to add to the wedding timeline!


Wish I would've snapped a shot when the yogurt bar was finished being set up! Oh well, I was to busy enjoying the shower! :) 

More food!!!


Our beautiful bride!

Brittany and three of her bridesmaids! :)

More pics to come! We are working on unit 2 week 1 and are adding a whole bunch of new things and lot of new writing activities! We have Brittany's Bachelorette this weekend so we'll try and get it posted tomorrow! :) Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Unit 1 Week 5

As promised... Click HERE to download our Unit 1 Week 5 packet!

Here's a little preview:

Here's a FREEBIE for you, too!!!

It's not rocket science!

So we're presenting the flow chart below to our coworkers on Wednesday for our PBS support! We all just love "flow charts" ...  right? Sarcasm INTENDED! Since we're well aware of the fact that NO one is all that interested in behavior flow charts we decided to add a little bit of fun to our presentation! We were told to dress up so we're dressing up as ROCKET SCIENTISTS! We already had the outfits because sometimes we dress up in lab coats and science gear when we're being "scientists." We're going to show our coworkers this silly clip first... 

We've all been there... right? We're showing this silly clip to introduce the flow map as something that is useful and not "ROCKET SCIENCE" just any easy guide to behavior management in the classroom!

We're finishing up our presentation with the THRILLING flow chart!

After many ooh's and awe's! We plan to exit the stage free of any eye rolls and tons of applause! Hopefully everyone will be so enthused with our cute little clip they will forget how frustrated they are with the fact that they've been given yet another flow chart. Hey... a teacher can dream! 

We'll be back in a few minutes with our latest packet for UNIT 1 WEEK 5!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

L Blends and Online Shopping

First off, we just wanted to quickly post Unit 1 Week 3! It's on our TPT for FREE but a few of our fabulous followers have sent us emails letting us know that it's tough to find. So here it is!

You can find a little preview below: 

Hope everyone finds this packet helpful! We will be posting Unit 1 Week 5 tomorrow! It is s blends and r blends and we wanted to add a few new things such as "read/write the room." We also plan to be adding new things to the upcoming unit 2 packs! 

We are so incredibly thankful for everyones support!!! 

On another note, Brittany's wedding is ONE MONTH AWAY!!! This upcoming weekend is her Bridal Shower Brunch and the following weekend is her Bachelorette!! Let the fun begin! So thrilled for my best friend! 

On a frugal note... we wanted to share with you this awesome website:  LIKE TWICE
It's pretty cool! You simply send your clothing you are wanting to sell (it's FREE shipping) and they sell them for you! It's an online consignment shop and they do all the work! They also have some pretty cute stuff on the website for great prices!!! Check it out! 

Have a great night friends! We'll be back tomorrow with our last pack for unit 1! : )

Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Movie from Redbox and Unit 1 Week 4 packet

Grab a FREE Redbox Rental code!
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Also, I just posted our 4th packet for our new series! Find packet HERE!!!
Here's a sneak peek...


Friday, September 13, 2013

Did someone say SALE?

Where has the time gone! We simply can't believe it's already mid September! Brittany celebrated her 29th bday anniversary this week and we celebrated with a little cheesecake at school. Since she's getting MARRIED next month we kept it low key! We have so many wedding festivities coming up so Brittany insisted we don't "over do" her birthday. She is buying herself a new car this year, though! She's earned it! Updates to come on that! She's trying to be frugal and shop around so at this moment her driveway is not sporting any new wheels. Speaking of frugal... have you all hit up all of the back to school sales? School supplies are DIRT CHEAP right now. I bought a class set of binders for 16 cents each at Target yesterday! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Frugal: (adj.) prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful

As for school, well it's been an adventure! We have come a long way in just one short month and it feels so good to say, "I think we'll get there." If you asked me last week if we would reach our end of the year learning goals I would probably have not been so optimistic. Things are looking up!

This week has had it's ups and downs but nothing a little shopping can't fix! Found a great deal online and wanted to share it with all of you... if you like H&M this is a great bargain and who doesn't love a bargain?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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