Saturday, February 1, 2014

How does one plan a frugal wedding?

Hello there! I have been having the hardest time planning my upcoming nuptials. I'm over the moon excited to marry my fiance' but I'm hating everything about the $$$$ dollar signs that come with the word "WEDDING." I have been joking with my friends that I'm going to tell all of our vendors that it's just a party and when they show up on our big day... I'll just say we decided to get married! That way they can't rip us off... right? Ughhh! This frugal girl just hates the thousands of dollars vendors up-charge for weddings. Because of this, I'm taking way too long to book things. We were really lucky to win a planner and a cake though so at least we're saving in that department! I also bought these pretty necklaces for my bridesmaids to wear for the wedding! LOVE!

They were only $12.99! What a steal! Plus, I love anything and everything personalized!

On another note, I finally finished Unit 4 Week 2 for our Wonders packets. I'm having the hardest time managing it all but I'm so thankful for all of the positive feedback we've been getting and it definitely gives me the motivation I need to keep making them.... even when I just want to relax in front of the television! In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do right now! Have a wonderful night everyone! Talk to you soon!

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