Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 Month Countdown! 2 Freebies!

Hello there. Just coming out of hiding for a bit to say, "Happy Spring Break" to all of our fellow spring breakers. You know who you are! Brittany and I have *NEVER* been so ready for a break! This break is going to be filled with wedding planning though because today marks the 3 month countdown until the BIG day. Where has the time gone? We've had a long engagement, but these last few months have gone by way too fast and I'm finding myself getting more and more behind in planning process. Hopefully, I can use this little break to play catch up on everything non school related. Must.Not.Procrastinate.

Meeting with our wedding planner
and photographer! (Thanks Mom for the
finger in the photo).
Rob and I have been busy making some final decisions, which for me are VERY difficult. I may be the most indecisive person in the word. SERIOUSLY. I don't enjoy making decisions, AT ALL.

Here's a little recap:
Shopping for centerpieces 
Tux Fitting

Meeting with the Priest.
Filling out all the paperwork
at the St. Christopher's. 

They were all delicious!
Cake Tasting!

Also, we've been busy making packets to go along with our reading series! Here is not one, but TWO freebies for our fabulous followers! We have been such blogging slackers lately so we figured it would only be fair if we gave a little extra today!

Finally, some exciting news to share… my future sister-in-law, Leah started a blog!!! I have been encouraging her to start one because not only is she a wonderful writer but she also is a fitness guru with lots of great things to share. I just know her blog is going to reach a lot of people and I am already a huge fan. She's witty and real and I hope you enjoy reading her blog as much as I do! Please stop by and check it out.  I need to get her set up with a blog designer stat because the only thing lacking in her blog is a cute design!

The Misadventures Of An Undomestic Goddess

I promise, Leah will not disappoint!

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