Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Week Freebie

Hi friends! It's been a L------O-----N-----G preplanning week! School officially starts tomorrow! As a little welcome back we are throwing a sale on all of our bundles for the McGraw-Hill Wonders series and all of Unit 1 is also on sale! We have updated all of our Unit 1 packets and are currently updating unit 2 packets so if you have already purchased any of the packets we encourage you to re-download!

Enjoy Unit 1 Week 1 Freebie and have a fantastic year!

                                                       Click cover page to download.

This is only a small preview of our unit 1 FREE packet! We hope you will find this useful in your classroom!

Baby Tyler Update: Brittany and baby are doing great! Brittany came to "Meet the Teacher" on Friday to say hello to her new bunch! Her hubby, Matt came by to pick her up after the event with baby Tyler! He so handsome! He's less than two weeks old and already smiling! More updates to come!

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