Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th Day!

Goodness gracious! Where, oh where has the time gone??? Can you believe we've already been through more than half the school year already? In our classrooms, the 100th day of school is celebrated in a B-I-G way! We started Erica Bohrer's tradition last year and had our students dress up like they were 100 years old! If you haven't done it yet... DO IT!  It's hilarious and SO MUCH FUN! One bit of advice from some rookies though, check the school calendar because picture day is only twice a year and happens to be very close to the 100th day of school. Let's just say some of our first graders looked VERY mature in their pics last year! haha!

This year we plan on doing the same thing and continuing with the tradition. We don't have many original things planned because we have already found so many great things online! We made shirts of course (In case you were unaware, we are slightly obsessed with matching school shirts)! Below you can find our parent letter. Please feel free to download and enjoy the 100th day with your kiddos!!!

Thank you  Surfin through Second for the adorable boarder! We love it! 

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