Monday, January 14, 2013

Bring on the technology!!!

Hi friends! We don't know about you, but our classrooms have been SUPER busy these last few days. Coming back from winter break is usually a fun time in first grade because they come back a little more grown up and it always appears to be a little more calm in class. However, 2013 has started a little chaotic and overwhelming. We decided to relieve our stress this past weekend with a fabulous and oh-so-frugal shopping trip!

Check out Brittany's cart! 
There were some fabulous deals to be found! $2.53 for these adorable sandals from Kohl's!  Shout out to one of our coworkers over in 2nd grade for sharing this total steal with us!!! Thanks Rachel! 

 As you all know, shopping is one of our favorite things to do. We are always excited when we manage to find an awesome bargain. But at this moment, we have even bigger news! Even better than any discount... Are you ready for this???

Cue Fireworks please!!!

Tomorrow Brittany is getting her very own SMART Board!!!!
On that note! Tomorrow our classes will all be hanging out in the same classroom while this gem is being installed! We are in the middle of an author study on the talented, Jan Brett! Don't worry, we plan to blog about it when we're done!

Please feel free to download this quick, little "Long Vowel Challenge." We are finishing up long i and are still working on "flipping the sound."

Also, below you will find the same activity for long a words. It served as a nice review for our firsties!

We are happy to report that when we write our next post we'll both have SMART boards! Hooray!!!

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