Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The most important dress!

The frugal girls went shopping in a BIG way yesterday! Let me give you a hint... the maids took our beautiful bride-to-be, Brittany to pick out the most important dress she will ever wear! Okay, so it was more like a *total giveaway* than a little "hint"! I've never been very subtle anyway! There is no reason to start now!

So as you can imagine, we wanted to bring gown shopping to a whole new level! Being Brittany's maid-of-honor is a job I don't take lightly! I wanted her dress shopping day to be everything she had hoped for! Living in a rural city like Ocala means there are not many absolutely no places to shop! We're talking very slim pickings here! So we planned to take MLK day (No school!) to head south bound and dress shop Orlando-style to find the perfect dress!

A message to Brittany from here bridesmaids! We filled the basket with celebratory pink champagne labeled "Brittany's Bridal Bubbly!"


We had a "Bridal Brunch" before we hit the road. The Bridal Gown Itinerary was set on all the plates so everyone knew the schedule for the day! We followed it almost perfectly, I might add! Dinner was going to be at Cheesecake Factory at 6:00 so we made sure to eat enough brunch to hold us over all day! Plus, we bought tons of snacks for the car ride.
Our bride! She's sipping mimosa's and reading a letter from her closest friends! 
Cheers to our bride!!! 
Lots of pink!
 Table view!
The bride, her bridesmaids and her sweet flower girl, Madison!
 We are only missing one of the bridesmaids. She had to work :(
We are all enjoying our healthy brunch.
"Do you think champagne makes you bloated" quoted from our bride! Too funny! The answer must be no because she looked perfect in all of her dresses!

Each girl also got a bottle of lotion called "Diamond Dust." It said, "she has her man, she has her maids, she has her diamond... now all she needs is her DRESS!!"
It was such a perfect day! Let me tell you, Matt is one lucky guy! Brittany looked absolutely STUNNING in every single dress she tried on! She narrowed her search down to the final three!!! We need to bring Brittany's mom back with us to help with the final decision! I'm pretty confident that Brittany will say YES to the DRESS very soon!!!!

The dress will have to remain a surprise for the big day, October 20, 2013!

Stay tuned... 

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