Thursday, July 18, 2013

TIme to say "YES" to another dress!

Good evening friends! We have been far from frugal the last few days and it's not by choice! We've been doing some BIG things for Brittany's wedding and there is NOTHING frugal about a wedding! We have had a lot of fun spending though!

Bridesmaid dress shopping for Brittany's wedding in Orlando! 
We've been working a lot at the restaurant this summer to help fund our upcoming nuptials. We were so bored at work on Sunday that we actually started playing MASH in Brittany's "Wedding Notes" book. Do you remember that game?? Ha! We made into an "adult version" which included your fortune along with an entire bio to go with it. Can you say, BORED! In Brittany's MASH future she is divorced with seven kids living in a purple shack... she was making $100,000 a year though. It's safe to say she was not a teacher! Oh goodness! Good thing it's just a game! MASH made work way more fun and we had a lot of laughs!
     M- Mansion
        A- Apartment
S- Shack
 H- House 
On Tuesday Morning we met up early and headed to Orlando. We spent the day eating shopping for bridesmaids dresses for Brittany's wedding. We started in Winter Park at The Collection and they quickly let us know that we should have started this process months ago! Who knew that bridesmaids dresses took so long? We thought three months was plenty of time. WRONG! We found some expensive, beautiful dresses and realized that all of these deadlines were making us hungry. It was already time for lunch! We stopped at one of my favorite restaurants Dexters for lunch! We enjoyed a glass of wine and some appetizers!

After lunch we went to Bella Bridesmaids. We had a great time their and the owner was so sweet and helpful! Brittany sat back on the couch and watched Kelly (another bridesmaid) and I try on a bunch of dresses! We didn't find a winner but we were off to a great start! 
Kelly and I (Melissa) trying on some bridesmaid dresses!
After Bella's we stopped at David's Bridal but they didn't have what we were looking for. After leaving David's a little discouraged we decided to throw in the towel and just go grab dinner. While heading across the street to the Millenia Mall we stumbled upon Solutions Bridal

*Fun Fact- Jessica, my friend and sorority sister got her dress at Solutions Bridal! She is also the author of one of our favorite blogs Rambling About Reading! 

We found a beautiful Dessy dress, but unfortunately it could not be ordered in time. We were not having very good luck! When we got to the mall we stopped in the department stores and found a ton of beautiful bridesmaids dresses in all the wrong colors and sizes. FAIL! 

We ended our day on a much brighter note at The Cheesecake Factory! I guess you could say we were "eating our feelings" because even though we were pretty bummed that we weren't going home with dresses it didn't stop us from eating way too many apps and leaving dinner as if the day was a total success!! 

The Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour is AMAZING!! So many apps for only $5!
Have you had their avocado egg rolls.... to die for! 

We eventually decided to just go home and search the web for the perfect dress! We found a bunch of beautiful, affordable dresses online at Hopefully we will be ordering our dresses tonight! *Fingers Crossed*

I can't wait for Brittany and Matt's Wedding. It's only 93 days away and will be here before we know it! They are such a wonderful couple and two of my favorite people in the world!

We are heading into school today to work in our NEW classrooms and unpack all of our boxes! We have tons of work to do and it involves a lot of downsizing because our rooms are much smaller. Thank goodness for Pandora and Sour Patch Kids! It's time to get to school! Strolling in after 11:00 is way better than 6:30!

See ya later!


  1. Aww such a cute story! I love love love Dexters and Cheesecake! The girl at Bella Bridesmaid is so nice! I went in there too for dresses. If you still need to find dresses J.Crew has some good ones! My girls got their bridesmaid dresses there. You can't try them on in the story but the sizes are similar to the sizes in their store and if you order it and it doesn't fit you can take it back to the store. They are accommodating and if you check frequently you can find them on sale. Sounds like a super fun day of wedding planning!
    Rambling About Reading

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