Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is Nonfiction?

Hi, Friends! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! We both worked a double shift at work last night so we didn't get into our classrooms at all. We still have so much work to do. This is how we left our rooms on Monday night... scary!

Did we mention we found A LOT of bugs... ewww! 
We also found time to meet with our "old" first grade team! Love them! We plan on continuing our reunions indefinitely!

We also bought an amazing Informational Text packet from Hello Literacy a few weeks ago. The packet has a wealth of information and was one of our best purchases yet! We started organizing the packet for the upcoming school year and we decided to introduce the unit using the anchor chart below.  

To introduce Nonfiction: Informational Text we are going to first brainstorm all of the things we use to get "information".
We made a quick circle map for our student's to use and record in their reading response journals. 

We hope this is helpful when introducing informational text to your students. 
After this brief "activating strategy" we would like our students to research some websites with quality informational text examples. Here are just a few: 

It's time to head back to the mess we currently call our classrooms. Talk to you all very soon! 

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