Saturday, August 3, 2013

WBT: Mirror Variations

Happy Weekend! We only have one weekend left before school starts. Oh sweet summer, why must you end so soon? Some how we both managed to get today off from work at our second job so we have a little time to blog! Since "BACK TO SCHOOL" time is just around the corner we have "Whole Brain Teaching" on our minds. We started using the WBT methods two years ago and folks... we are never going back! 

One of our favorite parts of WBT is the Mirror strategy:

Teacher: Class!
Students: YES!
Teacher: Mirror (teacher puts hands up in front) 
Students: Mirror (students follow teacher gesture)
Once everyone is in position teacher will use hand motions and words (you can teach mirror with just hands or words if you'd like). 
After students have "mirrored" your gestures they are ready to teach each other.
Teacher: TEACH!
Students: OK!!!
*Give students about 1-2 minutes to "teach" concept using gestures and words learned while mirroring YOU! 
Watch this video below to see "mirror" in action: 

This strategy is using the motor cortex: 

Below you will find some variations to using MIRROR gestures in your classroom!

We're looking forward to spicing up our whole brain teaching approach this year! 

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