Monday, August 12, 2013

It's officially... OVER!

Hey there frugal followers, we are writing this post tonight with heavy hearts... our summer has officially come to an end (insert sad face here)!  I know I say this every year, BUT I'm going to say it anyway, I wish we had just one more week!!! Time went by way too fast... as it always seems to do when you're having fun! The alarm clocks are set for 6:30 tomorrow morning... ugh!  That's going to be rough!  I have definitely taken full advantage of sleeping in this summer, thank god for Dunkins right?!?  Sidenote, did you know that if you purchase this handy dandy little mug you can get refills of ANYTHING for 99 cents... hot, cold, flavored, coolatta... the options are endless!!!
I know what you're thinking... "NO WAY!"  But, YES WAY!!!  Melissa and I didn't learn this nifty little fact until AFTER the school year was over!  You're welcome Dunkins, half of our teaching salary has been spent on coffee!  Needless to say, we will be taking FULL advantage of this frugal deal this upcoming school year!  A large iced coffee at Dunkins is about 2.50ish and with your refill mug it costs $1.05 (after tax)... it doesn't sound like much, but believe me people, it adds up!
So, back to being depressed about the end of our fabulous summer.  Now don't get us wrong, we are super excited to start the school here... 
at our new home...
 Anthony Elementary
We made it official last week with these shiny new badges!  Snazzy!
Although we officially start tomorrow, Melissa and I have been into school several times throughout the summer to deal with this...
   We had to turn this awful mess into a cute, organized learning environment.  It was a big task!!! We'll save picts of the finished product for a later post!  (I know, I know, the suspense is killing ya!)  Oh, and did I mention that a ton of creepy crawlies made this lovely mountain their home while we were off enjoying the start of our summer!  That's Florida for ya!  A LOT of cleaning and de-bugging went into setting up our classrooms this year.  Eww!
Since it's "pre-planning week eve", what better way to reflect on our awesome, yet frugal, summer with a quick trip down memory lane!
Melissa posted back in June about our A-MAZ-ING kick off to the summer with picts from the beach house in Palm Coast, but to refresh your memory here's a quick throwback...

Let's be real people, there was nothing "frugal" about this trip, but every once in a while you just have to treat yourself!  And that we did!  We figured it was the perfect way to reward ourselves for a job well done at the end of last year!   
In addition to our week at the beach, we also took several day trips to the coast making sure to catch as many rays as possible!  And of course, we brought the necessities...
Can you guess which cup is mine?!?! haha
And we had the pleasure of being accompanied by this adorable little beach babe! LANDON!  And yes, that is a keyboard in his lap.  He played that baby all the way to the beach!  
Let's not forget this special moment when Melissa got the chance to pop the question!  Holla fo ya matron of honor!!!  How could I say NO to that bling bling ring thAng! 
Since our old first grade team is parting ways this coming year, we decided to meet up mid-summer to catch up on new happenings and just hang out!  From left to right you have Barbara, Susan, Melissa (duh), Susie and Amy.  Sorry about the random in the background, just a fellow Blue Highway Pizzeria patron! 

Lots of laughs were had at this table!  Love these ladies!  Melissa and I are bummed we won't all be together next year, but it gives us a reason to plan a girls night every now and then!  Can't wait!
We also took a day and went bridesmaids dress shopping in Orlando.  These were my two beautiful models!  Aren't they GORG!  We didn't end up finding a dress in Orlando, but no worries, we ended up finding one back in Ocala.  We made it a priority to stop by The Cheesecake Factory while we were in Orlando!  My FAV!
We wrapped up the summer with a trip to St. Augustine to finish up some wedding details!  Here's Matt being goofy!  Can you tell how much he LOVES taking pictures (sarcasm intended)
That's a quickie of some of our most memorable summer moments.  It was fun while it lasted!  Now its back to the books... no pun intended!  Melissa and I are truly excited to see what this year will bring!  We have already met some amazing people at our new school and can't wait to meet the rest of the bunch tomorrow at orientation!  We are in the process of working on some great packets to go along with our new reading series so stay tuned for those!  Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer as much as we did!  It's early to bed for these frugal girls tonight... we've got school in the morning!!!!   


  1. Looks like a wonderful summer! Good luck at your new school! Hope you had a good first day!
    Rambling About Reading

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  3. I love St. Augustine! You know you go there way too much when you recognize the old mill in the background of a photo. Have a wonderful year!

  4. You can never go to St. Augustine "too much!" :)


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