Monday, August 5, 2013


Happy Monday! It's our LAST Monday of summer... sob. Unfortunately, I scheduled a bunch of trainings for today. I thought I'd enjoy the extra money$$$. I wish I would've followed Brittany's lead and only signed up for in-services on one day this week. Instead I signed up for all three! It seemed like a good idea at the time! Doesn't it always?? I have so much to do in my classroom and around my home that the last thing I want to do is sit in an inservice about our math series. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Enough of my rant. On a brighter note. We have a freebie to share with you today! Cue: CHEERING!
This is only a sample of what the reading log should look like! 

Reading logs are a BIG deal in our classrooms. I had a really hard time monitoring weekly reading logs and keeping up with the copies. Last year I created a new one and it is a monthly log. It is so much easier to manage and I think the layout provides everything I need.

I give the Monthly log out at the beginning of the month (The first Friday of each month). Students have from the Friday night until the following Thursday night to complete their log. I check logs on Friday at school. The first few months of school I only ask that students read for 50 minutes a week (an average of 10 minutes a night). After winter break I usually up the reading minutes to 75-100 minutes a week (an average of 15-20 minutes a night). On Friday's, after I've checked logs, I invite all students who have completed their minutes to LUNCH BUNCH with me! One of my 1st grade team members, Susan shared this idea with me. It's free and we always have a great time! Sometimes we have a picnic outside. Other days we watch a movie. The kids really get a kick out of it and it really serves it's purpose. My students READ ALL--- THE---- TIME! They simply can't miss lunch bunch! Most of the time I have almost my entire class with me! When we do get the whole class I usually surprise them with some playground time. We don't have recess in our county :( It's AWESOME and I enjoy hearing about all of the books they are reading during our lunch date!

Here's your copy! Enjoy!!! 
Click here for your FREE Monthly Reading Log! 

I file the logs at the end of the month. For every 100 minutes my students read, they earn a bead for the A.R necklaces! I give out the beads at the end of the month and hand out a fresh log for the new month.


  1. I love your lunch buddies idea. I am a math teacher---- It sounds like something my students would enjoy. I might turn it into a math fact lunch club.
    Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut

    1. Thank you! A math fact lunch bunch would be awesome! I bet the kids would work extra hard to learn all of their facts so they could eat lunch with you and their friends!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your freebie - I found you through Manic Monday and am now your newest follower. :)

    1. Thanks Mrs. Spangler! Glad you found us! We're your newest follower, too! By the way, we love your behavior freebie! We're definitely going to share it with a few of our friends in the upper elementary grades!

  3. I'm doing lunch bunch this year too! I'm doing a homework club and reading logs will be a part of it. So if you don't turn in your reading log and weekly homework so sad too bad you won't eat a terribly fun lunch with us. I feel like most of my students will turn in all their homework though. It's an incentive for those that might not though. I can't believe it's our last Monday---wah :(. I am excited to see my class list though and meet my new babies next Thursday!

    Rambling About Reading

  4. I like the idea of having a monthly log. Much less paperwork to keep track of. I like the idea of having the reading log be part of the weekly homework. I was going to do "Homework Club"/"Lunch Bunch" if they turned in their weekly homework and I am going to add this reading log in to it. Thanks for the freebie!


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