Thursday, December 6, 2012

Classroom Tour

                Just a little tour of Melissa's Classroom! Can you tell there's a slight BEE obsession??
Brittany's classroom tour is coming up next!
Bee-a-reader board- This board is where students hang their A.R necklaces and earn beads for every 100 minutes they read each week! 

Computer Area- All the classrooms at our school have 5 computers. They are ancient and make a whole lot of noise. You may also see my pinterest creation... using scrapbook paper on your filing cabinet is so easy and way more appealing!

Our BEE-utiful writing area was made using yard sticks and clothes pins! So easy and a great way to display student work. Beside it you can find our word wall (it was the first day of school when this pic was taken, now it's FULL of words). 

On the board we post our I CAN statements (Thanks Diana Jump). Also you can see our CAFE board and our Daily 5. Now that board has Essential Questions too.  You can also see part of our classroom library. All of our books are leveled using Guided Reading letters. The tops red baskets are "free choice."

A little view of our seating area. We do a lot of KAGAN so we use group seating. 

The rest of our library. We use laundry baskets as book boats too! As you can see in the pics below, they get really comfy in the library!

Our HUGE rover. It's a Smartboard on wheels. Yay for being portable and boo for being bulky!

In our shelving area you can find our "Bee Promises" which are the five whole brain teaching rules.  You can also find our Fasttmath hives. Students get to move up to hives when they master addition facts. Don't miss our writers wall is hiding in the right corner.

Thanks for visiting my (Melissa's) classroom! One place I forgot to capture was my desk area. Sorry about that! It's not much to see anyway.
These pics were taken at the beginning of the school year. Now you can find many anchor charts and BEE-utiful student work hung all over the walls. In fact, I don't think you will find much wall space left!!! 

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