Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frugal Girls Go Thrifting

What's a girl to do with an entire week to herself before Christmas? It's not hard for us to find an excuse to go shopping. Especially when our winter break started last Friday (the 14th)! We jam packed our "sched"with lots of bargain shopping! Even around the holidays we refuse to pay full price! I'm sure all of our teacher friends agree, we did not become teachers for the huge Christmas bonus!

Yesterday we set off for a day of Thrift store Shopping. Most of the thrift stores in our area were offering an ADDITIONAL 50% off! Just when you thought it didn't get any cheaper!!! Since Brittany is busy planning a wedding and Melissa being her honorable maid, they had a few MUST FINDS on the shopping list!

Brittany found this gorgeous mirror for the wedding for a whopping $5! Score!

We found some incredible deals on our day of Thrifting! We both managed
to spend under $50 and got many different things for
Christmas gifts, wedding decorations and books for our classrooms!

Brittany found tons of beautiful frames that she is going to use for the wedding. We are going to use some chalkboard paint to create signs.
Check out our pinterest for examples!

We ended our day with a quick stop to the mall. Tonight we are celebrating our DOOMS DAY- Christmas and Cocktails party so we needed a few last minute things.  The Frugal Girls REALLY wanted to see Santa but he looked a little tired. Poor Santa also had a line of 903589432093 children waiting to see him. We had to settle for a wave and a picture from afar. Growing up is no fun!

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