Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stocking Day

Stocking day was OH-SO-MUCH-FUN!!
We spent our morning talking about the traditions of stockings. (Sidenote: be prepared for MANY different stories) We enjoyed learning the different "stories" about how the stocking tradition came to be. We also read some wonderful Christmas books today and did a lot of think-pair-share (LOVE ME SOME KAGAN) to discuss different Christmas traditions around the world and within our classroom. 

In the early afternoon we discussed LIST WRITING. We haven't really touched on this type of writing yet this year, so we had fun developing lists of "what we hope to find in our stocking on Christmas Day." We added popsicle sticks to the top and bottom of our list to make it look more like a scroll. So many of our little artists added "art supplies" to their lists *adorable* and way better than a play station, which doesn't fit in a stocking ANYWAY! Still, many of them managed to squeeze it onto their list... sigh. 

We finished off our fun-filled day with some stocking decorating. The only table clothes available were from the luau we had last year so they were very "florida festive." Everyone had a blast decorating their stocking. We hung them all up next to their lists and they now serve as a fabulous little decoration in our classrooms. 

Check it out: 

Tomorrow is Snowman day and we have lots of great writing activities and crafts to go along with this chill theme! Brittany is going to a CCSS meeting all day so Melissa is taking on snowman day alone... no fun! Hope the sub is ready for a warm Florida day filled with snow!

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