Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ringing in the New Year... freebie style!

The Frugal Girls have already been thinking about the upcoming New Year. Since New Year's Eve 2011 is Brittany's engagement, it is something we're really looking forward to celebrating! Besides, who doesn't love staying up late, drinking too much champagne and watching fireworks! New Year's is a blast! We go back to school on January 2nd this year. BOO HOO! So we made this foldable inspired by The Tattooed Teacher. She made an adorable 2012 freebie so we thought we'd return the favor and make one for 2013. Please feel free to download! 


  1. I love this girls! I will be using this when I go back to school! I kinda love how is says one thing I want to stop...I need to remind myself of this!Rambling About Reading

  2. I found this on Pinterest and updated one for 2014! :) I blogged about it today at: :)

    Happy Holidays!


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