Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BIG news!!!

Tonight is going to be a short post because we are both SUPER tired. We had a BIG day! We will give you a little hint...

Okay, so maybe it was a big hint! You guessed it! We are MOVING! Both Brittany and I are moving to a different school next year... together, OF COURSE!! It's truly bittersweet. We are leaving a lot of fabulous coworkers that we plan to still meet for happy hour on a regular basis. We are also leaving our favorite kids in the world... our students! However, we know that this is a great opportunity and we are excited for this new adventure we are taking together! We are also staying in our *MOST FAVORITIST* grade... FIRST!!!

More pics to come tomorrow! We snapped a few pics of our new school and can't wait to share them with all of you!!


  1. How amazing is that!!!! Moving together...very lucky!
    Two Friends In First

    1. Thank you! We are so excited for this new opportunity and that we get to move together!


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