Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gettin' Our Hair Did

Well folks, we've been so busy at school lately, that we felt we deserved a little pampering. We called our friend, Aimee at The Private Room Salon and made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, she had time to squeeze us in after hours. In fact, we had the "private room" completely "privately booked!" That's right, it was just us and our favorite stylist. Brittany has her engagement pictures coming up in two weeks so she wanted to do something fun but not too drastic. She decided on a deep brown that came out with a hint of red.

                                                         My friends, it looks gorgeous!
The overhead light made it look a little more red than it really was and I think Britt was a little  lot  surprised!
She got so many compliments on her new do at school yesterday, so I think her worrying is over!
Frugal Girls
getting colored!
Here goes... 

Waiting on her color to set!
 We had a great evening with lots of girl talk, wine and laughs! 

The pampering isn't quite over yet! After school tomorrow we are planning a fun evening involving our four favorite things: 
*Happy Hour*

We hope everyone has a fun, fabulous and frugal Friday!!

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