Monday, May 13, 2013

First Grade Luau!

Aloha Friends! This is one of our least favorite weeks of the year. 
It is so boring (emphasis on the so and the boring). We are unable to help our kiddos so we basically walk around all morning reminding them to stay quiet and keep working. Upper grade teachers... we feel for you. We only do this once a year and we know the third-fifth grade classrooms do a LOT more! EWWW. 

As a motivator for us our students, we have planned our annual Luau Celebration for this upcoming Friday. We have been doing it the last two years and it's been a blast! 

We sent invites home today!

We are only asking for food donations because we have tons of decorations and attire from the previous year. We promise to post lots of pics of this event! We are integrating our "Luau" theme with our learning all week. By the time we are finished our students will have learned all about volcanos and the Hawaiian culture. They can also add some new Hawaiian phrases to their vocabulary (right next to all the pirate lingo we learned last month)!
Mahalo, for stopping by!!!!

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