Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Teaching first graders about elections is all kinds of interesting! We have spent the last few days learning about the Presidential Elections and why it is important to vote. The kiddos did a really great job of comparing and contrasting Romney and Obama and learning about the election process. Our favorite part was hearing some of their comments and opinions on the different candidates. The best one of all was overhead during snack time. Students were told to talk to their shoulder buddy about who they were voting for during our class elections later that afternoon. While walking around behind the students listening to their comments, one of my outspoken first grader's said, "You can't vote for Mitt Romney, he's going to kill all the fat people." He proceeds to turn around and say, "I swear, I heard it on the news!" Oh My! Gotta love first graders and their desire to share everything they hear!

Frugal Girls say VOTE!

Hope they learned the most important part of our election unit: VOTE!!!!

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