Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gingerbread Math

Even though Gingerbread Math Day is a few weeks away we thought it may be helpful to post our parent letter. We've been doing Gingerbread math day for a few years now. Our first year doing it together we made three big mistakes.
1. We didn't ask for volunteers. Bad move.
2. We bought everything ourselves. Holy expensive!
3. We thought peanut butter would hold the houses better than icing. WRONG on so many levels!!!

Even with all of the errors on our part, we still had a blast making houses and making this fun activity all about math. The last two years we've had opened our doors to volunteers (at least 3). We assign each student something to buy for the houses. Most importantly, we use ICING!!! It has gone much more smoothly. We will be posting our math recording sheets as soon as they are completed. In the past we have used other fabulous blogger ideas but this year we want to try and create our own. Please feel free to download the parent letter. We are doing our gingerbread houses the last day before winter break (December 14th)!
                                          Gingerbread Math Parent Letter

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  1. We are doing our gingerbread help me with math houses the last day before winter break.


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