Thursday, November 8, 2012


Yesterday was a FIELD TRIP! That means today is a Large Dunkin Donuts kind of day!

Obviously, someone couldn't wait to start sipping on her pumpkin flavored coffee (Pumpkin-Dunkin) as we call it! Yum! It is very rare to see a Starbucks coffee in either of our hands! We are Dunkin Girls!! It's a much better bargain. 
The day after a field trip is always a little bit crazy! So today we decided to do a craft from our onomatopoeia writing unit (to be posted soon). We started by reviewing our story of the week "The Fun Kids Band." We follow the Treasures series. The story has a ton of onomatopoeias so we chose to tie in the instrument theme. We decided to make a guitar craft with the new onomatopoeia words we have learned. 

The craft turned out great! We already decided that next year we are going to do a haunted house themed craft to teach onomatopoeias! So many sound words go along with Halloween and haunted houses! EEEEKKK! Can't wait!
First graders LOVE anything 3-D!
*** We found 3-D onomatopoeia stickers at Walmart for a whopping 10 cents a pack!!! Tomorrow we are going to write sentences using our onomatopoeia stickers and read them with 3-D glasses! So fun and so frugal!!!***

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