Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Teaching Curse

One thing I LOVE and kind of hate about my job is that it goes EVERYWHERE with me. I mean seriously... everywhere. I'm at the grocery store and I see pretzel sticks on sale. I think, "hmm... wouldn't that be a fun way to represent ten rods during snack tomorrow?" Or, I'm at the mall and I see an adorable jacket on sale and I start thinking about little *Susie* in my class and how she could really use a new jacket since the only one she owns is three million sizes too small. Even at the craft fair we attended last week...
I felt like all we did (Brittany and I) was look for crafty things for our classrooms. It's the curse of our job! It truly follows us home each and every day. Like I said, I LOVE it-- but sometimes, not so much. Good thing we are FRUGAL!

**Craft Fair News:  The frugal girls grabbed our purses (or backpack in Brittany's case- she wanted to be prepared) for a day at the Mount Dora Craft Fair. It was a BLAST! We went with our sweet friend Kelly! We woke up before the sun, and hit the road. The craft fair was huge and there were so many great finds! Most of the *gems* we found are going to be stored away until Christmas, so you'll have to wait and see! Overall, it was an incredible day with wonderful company, delicious food, and tons of crafty items for cheap great prices!

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  1. I know what you mean about it following you everywhere! I simple cannot go into Target without buying multiple items from the dollar spot. Somehow my bill is always shocking at the end. Lol! We are truly creative when we can see a reason to buy something everywhere we shop for our classrooms!


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