Monday, November 26, 2012

Trouble with Doubles!

Is it just us or does Doubles and Doubles +1 end up being one of the most difficult concepts for first graders? We do this whole brain song to help us memorize doubles:

Our students love it! It's definitely one of their favorite math songs!

          Once they learn the motions we add the music!

Sadly, when they get past 5 + 5 and they run out of fingers they have a very difficult time memorizing their doubles. We made two different foldables to add to their math notebook. Hopefully these will help! They are similar to flashcards and students can illustrate the addition sentence on one side and write the answer on the other! Like the song says, "it's no trouble for me to add doubles"

Doubles Foldable                                     Doubles +1 Foldable

Our class doing the doubles rap!


  1. Thanks for dropping in and visiting me.

    I love your math foldables.

    The Paper Maid

  2. I really like the doubles rap! I wish it went to 20! I will use those those math foldables! What math series do you use? I use Envision. We're doing subtraction up to 18 right now. It has all the common core infused into which is great but now our county is thinking of adopting a new series so I was just wondering what other Florida counties were using.
    .Rambling About Reading

  3. Hi Jess! Once the first song is over they have the second part linked to it through it's the same beat and everything but it goes from 6-10 doubles facts. I haven't really figured out a "whole brain" approach to that part just yet. I recorded my class doing the first part of the doubles rap today and added it to this post. As for our text book, We use the Go Math! series. Unfortunately, our county didn't buy the updated common core version ENCORE so it is difficult to follow so we rarely (if ever) use it. I've heard great things about Envision though. One of the author's of our series was my professor at UCF--- small world! Most of my friends that teach in Florida use Go Math and those who don't use Envision! Keep me updated on which book your county chooses.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these excellent doubles and doubles plus one resources. Very helpful!!!


  5. Can you write the song words? I love it! Thank you.


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